Honorary Doctorates

One of the most prestigious awards conferred by Azteca University is the Honorary Doctoral Degree.It is awarded to those individuals who have made extraordinary academic or social contributions, particularly in fields of relevance and importance at national and at international levels.

The selection of honorary degree recipients is overseen by a Committee at the Division of International Programs at Azteca University. The committee will seek approval to recommend a slate of honorary degree candidates for approval.The nomination and approval process for honorary degrees is confidential, and all involved in the process must respect this requirement.

To avoid undue influence, the review process by the committee is carried out anonymously, that is, the names of those who submitted the nomination are redacted from all documentation reviewed by Azteca University Director & Chair of International Programs, every effort will be made to ensure that degree recipients represent diversity across gender, race, age and ability. As well, effort will be made towards achieving balance across Azteca University’s scholarly community.

Timeline Committee at International Programs Division receives candidate nominations for Honorary degrees’ year round; however, to be awarded, the nomination must be received by the Committee at least two months in advance.The committee’s work in producing a list of potential candidates spans throughout the year. This activity is not time bound. Graduation Ceremonies dates and place will be confirmed accordingly. 


Honorary Doctor of Individual Studies, Hon. D.I.S.

Honorary Doctor of Professional Studies, Hon.D.P.S.

Honorary Doctor of Advances Studies,   Hon. D.A.S


Honorary Doctor of Arts and Humanities,   Hon. D.A.H.

Honorary Doctor of Divinity,  Hon. D.D

Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts,   Hon. D.F.A.

Honorary Doctor of Humanities,   Hon. D.H.

Honorary Doctor of Liberal Arts,    Hon. D.L.A.

Honorary Doctor of Laws,   Hon. LL.D.

Honorary Doctor of the University,   Hon. D.Univ.

Honorary Doctor of Religious Studies, Hon. DRS

Honorary Doctor of Arts, Hon. D.A