These are $.01 and I wouldn’t make a customer pay that. Especially for a newer tech. Depending on the system you may need a t-harness. MECP advances certified.

Also, depending on the vehicle and what starter you purchased I would and have offered people a better option that will work with there car electrically much better than what they purchased. Especially if I have a t-harness available that the system you bought may not take. 10+ year bby technician here.

Very very few cars will require addition labor.

Remote car starter purchase from Best Buy


p> Remote starters are not something to be taken lightly. They facilitate a much faster installation, and take a lot of the guess and check work out of the installation. Or am i misinterpreting it? I wouldn’t let a brand new tech touch my vehicle for a remote starter.

It says "Installation included". Former autotech champion. Done wrong you can severely damage a vehicle. Installation is exactly that. I know I sound like I’m stuck up here.

Find a tech that is experienced. Does this mean Best buy will install it in the car for free or they will set up an installation for free? Depending on the system there may be a relay that’s required to turn off auto headlights or turn off retained accessory power.

At minimum one season under there belt.