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Undergraduate Education

are you looking for improve you improve your life and  greater opportunities for your life. For all of those reasons and more, an bachelor degree can be a worth while educational investment.

Master Degrees

Universidad Azteca offers a variety of Master Degree, the study offers are open via branch campus programs or as joint programs. Master Degrees are awarded by a Azteca University upon completion of a specific course of study. Students obtain a Master’s Degree to further their studies in a specialized field and to gain highly developed skills in analysis and critical thinking

Doctoral Degrees

The highest level of education a student can receive is a doctoral degree. These advanced degrees indicate that the recipient has in-depth knowledge and mastery of their particular area of study, and they’re relatively rare, don’t expect this level of education to become as common as bachelor’s degrees or even master’s degrees.

Post Doctoral Degrees

One of the most prestigious awards conferred by Azteca University is the Honorary Doctoral Degree. It is awarded to those individuals who have made extraordinary academic or social contributions, particularly in fields of relevance and importance at national and at international levels.


Division of International Programmes

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